Commerce and Mutuaris

These packages were created and tailor made specifically to security companies and organisations rendering services in the hospitality industry, but can be extended to provide comprehensive cover to any business, whether small or medium sized.


Familia and Arcus

Although we specialise in rendering legal services to our business clients, we deem our individual clients to be just as important and render our services towards this market segment with the same care and diligence to ensure that you are a client in own right and not but a number on our client data.


Legal Advice

Through a 0861 telephone number which our members can phone 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This service is being offered by an internal legal department consisting of practicing attorneys, including their staff members and includes advice regarding any legal problem. A typical example is the removal of a clients name from blacklisting, when personnel have to be dismissed or retrenched, business management, the legal procedure to be followed in divorce cases etc.

Legal Documentation

Legal Documentation will be provided and existing documentation will be scrutinised for our client's special needs. A rental agreement regarding business premises between our client and a third party, as well as service level agreements, company registrations etc. Documentation used in these cases has been tried and tested in a court of law and will be designed according to our clients specific need, thus tailor made.

Legal Administration

Includes all legal work in cases where a summons or court application has not yet been issued.  A typical example of this is where we contact the parties involved and have a round table meeting to facilitate debt recovery, thereby facilitating a working solution on behalf of our client, company registrations, compliance according to regulatory requirements, firearm licensing etc.

Legal Representation

Legal Representation can be facilitated internally but we also have a national network of practicing attorneys. Therefore, we can offer our clients legal representation on a national basis with our network of practising attorneys. You will notice in this regard, our standard terms and conditions providing for any form of lawsuit whether in the high court, magistrate court or criminal courts including legal tribunals.